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Celebrating Italy’s long journey toward unity

By On March 17, 2021

The Parliament of the Kingdom of Sardinia proclaims Vittorio Emmanuele King of a unified Italy.… Read More

Italian Made Fun & Simple

Surnames and Their Origins – March 2021

By On March 17, 2021

Following the holiday surname feature in our last issue, this month we return to our traditional Italian surnames that start with the letter O. OCCHIONERO – This surname consists of two words:… Read More


A tale of mercy, featuring Dad, a hospital, a speed trap and a judge

By On March 15, 2021

By Charlie Sacchetti                Oct. 3, 1988, was a very long day for my mother, Catherine, and me. We had arrived at Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital in Darby, Pennsylvania, at 6 a.m. We… Read More


Charles Messina: Boxer/promoter, wine maker, turkey caller

By On March 1, 2021

Charles Messina stands with heavyweight Henry Milligan, whom he trained and who won the U.S.A. Amateur Boxing Federation Championship in 1983.… Read More

Per I Bambini

Pasquetta fra amici

By On March 1, 2021

By Melissa Cannavo-Marino and Sara Non posso decidere ancora (I can’t decide yet) which holiday in Italy is my favorite, but io so (I know) that the celebration of Pasquetta (Easter Monday)… Read More

Food & Wine

How a ‘little rascal’ of a grape made it to the big time

By On March 1, 2021

By Frank Cipparone             Years ago, a winemaker in Piedmont sought the aid of a priest in tracking down a certain “little rascal.” He wanted the good father to ask nearby farmers… Read More

Children’s book “Let’s Eat Snails”
Book Review

Bridging the cultural divide is a job for the snails

By On March 1, 2021

By Al Kemp In the new children’s book “Let’s Eat Snails,” a young girl named Margie broadens her culinary horizons to include a curious garden creature with help from her friend Nina.… Read More

“Under the Light of the Italian Moon” by author Jennifer Anton
Book Review

Women’s plight in the time of Mussolini inspires novel

By On March 1, 2021

Italian-American Herald A historical novel that highlights stories of women under Mussolini’s fascist rule leading into the collapse of Italy and World War II is set for release on March 8, International… Read More


In a world of chaos, I find my happy place in the kitchen

By On March 1, 2021

Chicken, potatoes and green beans prepared in an air fryer – simple fare and not too shabby!… Read More

Cassius Clay and his trainer Joe E. Martin

A fearless fighter in boxing ring, and later court of law

By On December 1, 2020

Cassius Clay and his trainer Joe E. Martin By Pete Kennedy From a young age, George Bochetto was interested in the law and in boxing. He saw a legal career as a… Read More