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Food & Wine

Here’s to sharing wine

By On March 11, 2019

Is there nothing that this hobby cannot teach us? By Murray Schulman It crossed my mind recently that in most things, men differ from women. That particularly applies to shopping. Women may… Read More

Food & Wine

A flurry of ethnic excitement comes to quiet little Pennsville

By On March 7, 2019

By Murray Schulman I live in Pennsville, a nice quiet community in southwestern New Jersey. It is right on the border of Delaware, which I can see right across the river near… Read More


Difficult cold-calling and boldly audacious name-dropping

By On March 5, 2019

By Charlie Sacchetti As I look back, it must have been in the early ‘70’s. I was still living home in Philadelphia and it was a long hot summer. Not only was… Read More


Monsignor Ralph Chieffo: Blessed with ‘a servant’s heart’

By On March 3, 2019

By Pete Kennedy Twelve days afloat — that’s what separated Ralph Chieffo’s life in Italy and his life in America. When he was 7 years old, he boarded an ocean liner in… Read More

Festivals & Events

Rome celebrates the Catholic tradition of Ash Wednesday

By On March 1, 2019

Biblical symbol of penance viewed as renewal of baptismal promise By Joseph T. Cannavo This year Ash Wednesday falls on March 6, which officially begins Lent, the 40-day period when Catholics and… Read More

Food & Wine

The Chef’s Perspective: Happiness is the meals we enjoy while life happens around us

By On February 5, 2019

By Murray Schulman The year has kicked off with a bang for us. January turned out to be a month that was exciting, at times scary with lots of realizations hitting us… Read More


One quality of heroes: They persevere no matter what

By On February 3, 2019

By Charlie Sacchetti If you took a look at Joe Smith back in the ’50s and early ’60s, envisioning a hero wouldn’t have been your first thought. “Smitty” was a great pal,… Read More

From the Editor

Italy’s testy political history lends context to America’s ‘immigration crisis’

By On February 3, 2019

By Joseph R. Cannavo If you have been keeping up with news in Italy, you might get the sense that Italy is having an immigration crisis, much like we are being told… Read More


What does Valentine’s Day mean in the land of love?

By On February 1, 2019

Legend tells of a defiant priest who married lovers during wartime By Jeanne Outlaw-Cannavo When people think of Italians as great lovers, it stands to reason that they must wonder what Valentine’s… Read More

Food & Wine

The Chef’s Perspective: Freezing outside or not, the steaks must go on

By On January 8, 2019

By Murray Schulman It was freezing cold outside that night, but who cares? Those giant steaks required time on the grill and I was going to make it happen. I had the… Read More