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Sipping something curative: Good for what may (or may not) ail you

By On December 1, 2021

By Frank Cipparone’Tis the season to be jolly, to indulge in holiday feasts that prove Italians don’t eat to live, but live to eat. ’Tis the season to spend hours at table… Read More

Food & Wine

Tuscany’s Vino Nobile: Rodney Dangerfield in a glass

By On October 31, 2021

By Frank CipparoneThere you are, a venerable Tuscan wine that’s been around since the 8th century, one once lauded as the “king of all wines” and considered worthy of nobility. Despite those… Read More

Food & Wine

Something completely different: When white becomes orange

By On October 1, 2021

By Frank CipparoneOne thing you can count on with wine – styles come and go, grapes fall into and out of favor, consumer tastes change. Winemakers will reach for that next rung… Read More

Food & Wine

Veneto: That fabled land where the magic happens

By On September 1, 2021

By Frank Cipparone“We opened in Venice, then next played Verona…then Mantua and Padua… and then…” Those Cole Porter lyrics from a long-ago Broadway musical sound like a tourist’s itinerary of Veneto. A… Read More

Food & Wine

From inroads to superhighways, Italian grapes get around

By On August 1, 2021

By Frank Cipparone Whether or not Italian food conquered the world, as claimed by the grandiose title of a book published 10 years ago, a case can be made for the diaspora… Read More

Food & Wine

Summer in Sicily: Fresh seafood and white wines

By On July 1, 2021

By Frank Cipparone When it’s summertime in Sicily, it’s time to head to the local market or down to the docks to look over the day’s catch, pick out the night’s dinner,… Read More

Food & Wine

Re-embracing the ancient idea of doing what comes naturally

By On June 1, 2021

By Frank Cipparone Winemakers around the world are riding a green wave of interest in natural wine. A passing fancy or here to stay, it’s an extension of the farm-to-table concept spawned… Read More

Food & Wine

Perfect pairing? Could we just say opinions differ, and leave it at that?

By On May 1, 2021

By Frank Cipparone To say that Italians are passionate about many things – cars, opera, soccer, fashion – is an understatement. With food and wine that fierce pride borders on obsession. Pairing… Read More

Food & Wine

Getting acquainted with Sardinia – Italy’s ‘goofy cousin’

By On April 1, 2021

By Frank Cipparone Although it’s been inhabited since the Paleolithic era and was once a mecca for jetsetters and Europe’s glitterati, Sardinia has long been shrugged off as Italy’s second island. A… Read More

Food & Wine

How a ‘little rascal’ of a grape made it to the big time

By On March 1, 2021

By Frank Cipparone             Years ago, a winemaker in Piedmont sought the aid of a priest in tracking down a certain “little rascal.” He wanted the good father to ask nearby farmers… Read More