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Local Interests

Catholics called on to emulate ‘creatively courageous’ St. Joseph

By On April 1, 2021

By Maria Teresa Morrison As I entered our church early one recent morning, I saw a portrait near the main altar of St. Joseph holding the Baby Jesus. I was captivated by… Read More


Educator’s fascination with birds took flight in childhood

By On April 1, 2021

Leigh Altadonna By Pete KennedyLeigh Altadonna has been fascinated by birds since he was a kid. “Think about how fantastic these small creatures are, traveling many thousands of miles each fall and… Read More


Grocery-cart lessons last a lifetime

By On April 1, 2021

By Richard A. DiLiberto Jr.We all have defining moments from our early years. When I was about 10 years old, I remember my father coming home each day, exhausted from his police… Read More

Arts & Entertainment

Warm comfort food for the springtime: Traditional pot pie

By On April 1, 2021

By Murray Schulman Spring has sprung and we are adjusting to warmer weather through what and how we are preparing meals. With that said, I thought that it would be fun to… Read More


In a world of chaos, I find my happy place in the kitchen

By On March 1, 2021

Chicken, potatoes and green beans prepared in an air fryer – simple fare and not too shabby!… Read More

Food & Wine

Got an autumnal appetite? Get thee to an orchard

By On December 1, 2020

Sample a variety of apples at local orchards for a true farm-to-table experience. … Read More

Food & Wine

Feast your eyes on this picture of deliciousness

By On November 1, 2020

A hand-painted platter elevates homemade antipasto. … Read More

Food & Wine

Savoring New Jersey’s farm markets in all their juicy glory

By On October 1, 2020

For a few glorious months, roadside farm markets put the world of fresh produce at our fingertips. … Read More

Food & Wine

Stuck inside? Find ways to cook with what you already have

By On July 1, 2020

By Murray Schulman             The past few months have been challenging for all of us. To all my readers and their families,  let me offer my best wishes that you are staying… Read More

Candice Guardino and Mario Cantone, who has a “virtual” cameo appearance. ITALIANBREDSHOW.COM
Arts & Entertainment

Comedy ‘Italian Bred’ comes to the Wilmington stage

By On March 19, 2020

Italian-American Herald The hit show “Italian Bred” comes to the stage in Wilmington for two shows March 7. The comedy, starring Candice Guardino, comes to life at 2 and 8 p.m., at… Read More