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Autumn aromas in the air mean feasting time is near

By On October 1, 2021

By Murray SchulmanPumpkins, apples, wine, crisp clean air with whisps of wood smoke and spice. No wonder this is my favorite time of the year. What could be better than a drive… Read More

Food & Wine

When new beans meet old spices, the culinary stars align

By On September 1, 2021

By Murray SchulmanThis story demands that I supply some background. Let’s say that we need to start at the beginning. It started when two events recently took place simultaneously. First, A longtime… Read More

Food & Wine

Pizza and buffalo wings – the origins of a classic American combo

By On August 1, 2021

By Murray SchulmanIt was Friday evening. I’d had stops at DGC Catering, Phat Belly Deli & Baked Goods and the Restaurant Store, and that was all before noon. That afternoon, I had… Read More

Food & Wine

Summer: Time to put petal to the metal and flame to the food

By On July 6, 2021

By Murray Schulman It’s summertime! Restrictions have eased up, most of us have been vaccinated and we are feeling the urge to get out there and enjoy life. At this time of… Read More

Food & Wine

The shapes of pasta, both newly discovered and old reliables

By On June 1, 2021

By Murray Schulman In recent months I have been seeing and hearing about different and uniquely shaped pastas. There are two that caught my eye. One is new to many of us… Read More

Food & Wine

Eureka! A perfect polenta for springtime appetites

By On May 1, 2021

By Murray SchulmanLately, my curious nature that many of you have come to enjoy is once again peaked. I am preparing dishes that seem to be Italian in style. But I ask… Read More

Food & Wine

Warm comfort food for the springtime: Traditional pot pie

By On April 1, 2021

By Murray Schulman Spring has sprung and we are adjusting to warmer weather through what and how we are preparing meals. With that said, I thought that it would be fun to… Read More


In a world of chaos, I find my happy place in the kitchen

By On March 1, 2021

Chicken, potatoes and green beans prepared in an air fryer – simple fare and not too shabby!… Read More

Food & Wine

Got an autumnal appetite? Get thee to an orchard

By On December 1, 2020

Sample a variety of apples at local orchards for a true farm-to-table experience. … Read More

Food & Wine

Feast your eyes on this picture of deliciousness

By On November 1, 2020

A hand-painted platter elevates homemade antipasto. … Read More