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Monsignor Ralph Chieffo: Blessed with ‘a servant’s heart’

By On March 3, 2019

By Pete Kennedy Twelve days afloat — that’s what separated Ralph Chieffo’s life in Italy and his life in America. When he was 7 years old, he boarded an ocean liner in… Read More


A meticulous man builds a name for himself in construction

By On January 5, 2019

By Pete Kennedy Marty Cappelletti used to build a lot of shelves. When he was in his mid-20s, he started a construction business, and, as it grew, his office filled with blueprints… Read More

Anthony Bellapigna takes his custom-built pizza truck — a green Ford F-350 with an unmistakable copper oven on the bed — to community events.

Anthony Bellapigna’s Commitment to Pizza & Gelato Restaurant, Ariano

By On July 12, 2018

Anthony Bellapigna takes his custom-built pizza truck — a green Ford F-350 with an unmistakable copper oven on the bed — to community events. By Pete Kennedy “Everything tells a story,” Anthony… Read More


Following His Passion: Son of Shoemaker Goes on Personal Business Path

By On June 21, 2018

By Pete Kennedy Frank Varone grew up the son of a shoemaker, but his parents never intended for him to join the family business. After graduating from high school in 1959 in… Read More


Neumann president Dr. Rosalie Mirenda’s work ethic comes from South Philly roots

By On May 8, 2017

By Pete Kennedy “I’m not an early, early riser,” Dr. Rosalie Mirenda says. “I like to be in my bed until 6 o’clock or so, and then I get up to exercise.”… Read More

Joseph Rollo

Immigrant Joseph Rollo devotes his career to helping others on their journey

By On April 17, 2017

By Pete Kennedy Love brought Joseph Rollo to America. He was a teenager from Sicily when he first visited the United States and met Anna Maria, the woman he would later marry.… Read More

Justin Perillo

‘Feisty’ Italian spirit fuels Newark native’s career in NFL

By On February 20, 2017

By Gabe Spadaccini When we think of Italians, certain things come to mind: food, wine, romance, coffee, conversation, etc. Seldom do we think of professional athletes as part of everyday Italian culture,… Read More


Maria Teresa Morrison of Rehoboth is a passionate advocate for immersive instruction

By On February 20, 2017

By Pete Kennedy “Italian is the modern Latin.” So says Maria Teresa Morrison, who speaks with some authority on matters of language, having spent 32 years teaching Italian, French and Spanish at… Read More


Words of St. Francis guide Anthony Albence in his devotion to public service

By On January 27, 2017

By Pete Kennedy Anthony Albence didn’t realize he was preparing for a job safeguarding democracy when he’d listen to college kids try to wriggle out of being punished for sneaking alcohol into… Read More

Rev. Nick Martorano

Rev. Nick Martorano celebrates the past and future at St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church

By On November 30, 2016

By Pete Kennedy “When I was growing up, we thought the whole world was Italian Catholic, because that’s all we saw,” said Rev. Nick Martorano, O.S.A. An Augustinian priest, Martorano has spent… Read More