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Re-embracing the ancient idea of doing what comes naturally

By On June 1, 2021

By Frank Cipparone Winemakers around the world are riding a green wave of interest in natural wine. A passing fancy or here to stay, it’s an extension of the farm-to-table concept spawned… Read More

Arts & Entertainment

Perfect pairing? Could we just say opinions differ, and leave it at that?

By On May 1, 2021

By Frank Cipparone To say that Italians are passionate about many things – cars, opera, soccer, fashion – is an understatement. With food and wine that fierce pride borders on obsession. Pairing… Read More

Food & Wine

Getting acquainted with Sardinia – Italy’s ‘goofy cousin’

By On April 1, 2021

By Frank Cipparone Although it’s been inhabited since the Paleolithic era and was once a mecca for jetsetters and Europe’s glitterati, Sardinia has long been shrugged off as Italy’s second island. A… Read More

Food & Wine

How a ‘little rascal’ of a grape made it to the big time

By On March 1, 2021

By Frank Cipparone             Years ago, a winemaker in Piedmont sought the aid of a priest in tracking down a certain “little rascal.” He wanted the good father to ask nearby farmers… Read More

Food & Wine

To know these lesser-known reds is to know Piedmont

By On December 1, 2020

By Frank Cipparone             It’s not without merit that writing about wine in Piedmont tends to center around the region’s “king” and “queen” – Barolo and Barbaresco. They have supplied an identity… Read More

Food & Wine

Wine bars, screw caps and eight more things to consider

By On November 1, 2020

By Frank Cipparone With apologies to David Letterman, a Top 10 List of wine-related things to think about and some helpful hints. 1. Aside from magazines and the internet the most effective… Read More